Temporary police deployed Kalikot had received full payment: Nepal Police Spokesperson Neupane

Temporary police

KATHMANDU, Dec 24: Nepali Police Spokesperson, DIG Manoj Neupane has claimed that the temporary police (Myadi) deployed in Kalikot during the election were already provided with specified salary and other perks.

“Myadi Police in Kalikot were under no circumstances to demonstrate and picket the District Police Office. After the conclusion of election, they were bid farewell with honor and gratitude providing certificates, salary and other perks,” said Neupane while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Sunday.

“The clash broke out after the farewell. We have already formed a committee to probe into how the incident took place,” he added. “We are also investigating over Aidi’s death.”

The district headquarter of Kalikot, Manma has remained tensed since Friday afternoon following the killing of temporary police Bibek Aidi, 20 of Raskot Municipality, who was apparently shot in the head by the security force during the protest staged by the temporary police expressing dissatisfaction over their pay cuts and other perks by including unnecessary charges. The district headquarter has clamped an indefinite curfew to maintain peace and order.

But Neupane said, “Their salary and bonus amount including special allowance of 55 days period was deposited in their respective account. Their (temporary police) claim that they have not been given the specified renumeration (which is Rs 17,230 per month plus Rs 250 as special allowance and Rs 250 for lunch and food for seven days, Rs 4,000 for uniform and Rs 1,000 as transportation allowance) is not  true.”

“They were already detailed about their salary and allowances before recruiting them,” he added. About 98,268 temporary police were deployed for the recently concluded federal parliament and province assembly elections.

He also said that the police are investigating over the complaints that the police had harassed women temporary police. He however said that no such complaints were officially registered till the date.