People’s mandate in favor of left unification: Narayan Kaji Shrestha

Narayan Kaji Shrestha

GORKHA, Dec 25: Senior leader of the CPN (Maoist Center) Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said the people’s mandate, which the leftist parties have got from across the country through the elections, was in favor of party unification.

Talking to journalists after arriving in Gorkha on Monday, leader Shrestha said,” There is also the message for unification of the leftist parties in people’s mandate the leftist alliance got through the elections. Declaring party unity at the earliest and becoming a united party is our commitment.”

He arrived in Gorkha today for a review of the elections following his defeat in Gorkha constituency -2.

Stating that it would be better if the party unification is carried out before the government formation, Shrestha believed that the government run by a united party would be a stable government and so it can work for the country’s prosperity.

He said the Maoist party was not the choice of the people of Gorkha constituency-2 this time and that he takes the election results as normal and obvious. “Although I did not win the election, the ‘Prosperous Gorkha and Happy Gorkhalis’ campaign would be continued,” he said.

Cautioning against dishonoring and neglecting the people’s mandate, and interrupting the process of government formation in any manner, the Maoist Center leader reiterated that the leftist alliance has got the people’s mandate through the election for going for the party unification at any cost. He added that the people’s mandate to the Nepali Congress is to remain in the opposition for five years. RSS