New govt under Oli’s leadership within two weeks: Sherdhan Rai

Sher Dhan Rai


KATHMANDU, Dec 25: CPN-UML leader Sherdhan Rai on Monday said that a new government under the leadership of Chair KP Oli would be formed within two weeks.

“The left alliance has already started homework on new government formation. A new government will be formed under the leadership of Chair KP Oli within two weeks time,” said Rai at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal in the capital.

Rai, who was elected to province assembly from Bhojpur, further said, “It is not necessary to talk about who would lead the new government because Oli is the clear candidate for the post.”

“Everybody knows it… even before election every knew it. There is no need to have any second thought.”

“No doubt, Oli will lead the government.”

He further said, “The unification process between the two left alliance constituents, CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) will not be an obstacle in the government formation.”

“We are now focused in the government formation. After a new government is formed, we will expedite the unification process,” he added.

Even though the left alliance swept the elections, the unification between UML and Maoist Center, as it seems, will take some time as both the parties are negotiating over the technical management and power sharing deals in the newly united entity. Maoist Center Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal recently said that he and Oli had an agreement on heading the government two-and-a half-years each in line.

But the former Information Minister, Rai claimed that no any decision on such premiership deal had been finalized. “Discussion over ‘leading the government in turns’ is being carried out. But it is not fixed yet,” he said hinting that Oli was first in the line.


He also accused the incumbent government of creating unnecessary obstacles by laying the issue of ordinance to the National Assembly Election and added that the Nepali Congress should clear path for the formation of new government respecting the people’s mandate received through the recently completed elections.

The political impasse over the National Assembly Election Ordinance is showing no sign of ending as both UML and the NC-led government and opposition are keeping their stance firm on majority and single transferrable voting system respectively.

NC, which suffered a huge loss in the recent election, is pushing for adaptation of single transferable voting system- a system favorable to NC which will help the party to secure some seats in the upper house. On the contrary, if members are chosen through majority votes, the left alliance will be in a position to sweep the entire upper house due to the parties’ (UML and Maoist Center) landslide victory in the elections. The Ordinance is awaiting President’s approval.

And, Rai accused NC of dragging President Bidya Devi Bhandari into a quagmire by pressing her to approve the Ordinance.

UML has also accused the NC of unconstitutionally adopting the single transferable voting system in the National Assembly Election Ordinance by bypassing the parliamentary committee’s decision.

On the occasion, Rai also claimed himself as the claimer of chief minister of Province 1. “I have already been election as the parliament member for two times. I have successfully handled the parliament’s Good Governance and Monitoring Committee. Not only that, I have also been given the responsibility as the government’s Spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communication. And, as a Politburo member and a deputy coordinator of Province 1 of UML party, and since I have won the election it is natural for me to claim the post of chief minister,” he said.

He also said that he had already readied the plans for Province 1 should he be elected as the chief minister.

On the occasion, Reporter’s Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala had congratulated Rai for his election success.