Madhes alliance will make government in Province 2: Mahato


KATHMANDU, Dec 26: Rajendra Mahato, Presidium committee member of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has said that Madhes alliance government will be formed in Province 2. He added that the Madhes government will continue its struggle for constitution amendment.

Of the total 32 parliamentary seats in Province 2, the Madhes-centric parties RJPN and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) secured victory in 10 seats each in the recently completed federal parliament and province assembly elections.

“The Madhes alliance will form government in Province 2, and the government will move ahead carrying the agenda of Madhesi rights, constitution amendment and development of Terai-Madhes,” said Mahato, who defeated Nepali Congress prominent leader Bimalendra Nidhi in House of Representative election in Dhanusha-3,  at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Wednesday.

He, however, said that government formation in Province 2 was not their top priority but the amendment of constitution.

“We have been struggling for amendment since the promulgation of constitution. The constitution should be revised as per the aspiration of people so that it could meet the demands of Madhesis, Dalits, Muslims and indigenous people.”

“We will create pressure for this,” he added.

“The chief minister of Province 2 will be chosen in consensus with FSFN.”


Mahato also hinted at the possibility of unification with FSFN. He said “People’s mandate is in favor of Madhes alliance. There is possibility that the two parties will unite in near future.”

“Discussions are underway. Unification process with FSFN will be initiated very soon,” he added.

Mahato also clarified that he had not held any conversation with CPN-UML Chair Oli about the government formation.

The formation of new government has delayed over the National Assembly Election Ordinance row; and the unification process between UML and Maoist Center remains uncertain as skepticism and mistrust grows among the left alliance constituents.

Oli even held back door negotiation with FSFN Chair Upendra Yadav about the formation of new government, though it didn’t go well.

But, Mahato said that the Madhes-centric parties will not let itself be used as pawn for the formation of a new government.

He said, “The three parties UML, Maoist Center and NC jointly brought the constitution disregarding the sentiments of Madhesi people. Our struggle is for the rights of Madhesi people. The Madhes-centric parties will not have any role in government formation. But, if any party assures us to support our struggle, we will support them.”

Mahato also said that the National Assembly should be formed immediately.

“If the Ordinance is wrong, the President must return it. And if it is right, then the President must approve it. The Ordinance must not be kept pending like this,” he said.