No new government before mid-February: Minister Bishwokarma

Minister for Commerce Min Bishwokarma

KATHMANDU, Dec 30: Minister for Commerce Min Bishwokarma on Saturday has clarified that new government will not be formed before mid-February as the process to form government will being at least after 45 days.

“Unless the National Assembly is elected, the process for formation of a new government will not begin. The Election Commission will take a at least 30 days to hold the election of upper house. Thus, Nepali Congress will hand over the power to the left alliance only after that,” said Minister Bishwokarma at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Saturday.

The EC on Thursday invited the political parties to register for vote within 15 days. Once the Electoral College is ready, the government in consultation with the EC declares date for the election of the upper house. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has also said that he would announce the election date within a couple of days. Moreover, the EC has also urged PM Deuba to appoint provincial chiefs as election of National Assembly is cannot be done without swearing Province Assembly members.

“It will take about a month to elect the upper house once the election date is announced. The process to form a new government will begin only after the lower house convenes. It will take at least six weeks. Thus, new government is not possible before mid-February,” added Bishwokarma.

He also dismissed the reports that the NC is trying to protract its stay in government adding that NC is looking for a legal way to transfer the government. “We are eager to step down. After the election of National Assembly we will clear path for new government. We will stay in opposition and play a constructive role,” he added.