Govt proposes temporary capitals of all seven provinces

Rabindra Adhikari

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: The government has prepared the outline of the temporary capitals of all the seven provinces in the country.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) and the Ministry of Urban Development prepared this outline.

Spokesperson of the OPMCM, Hari Prasad Panthi said that the plan of the temporary capitals of provinces has been drawn on the basis of the existing physical infrastructure in these places.

According to him, Biratnagar has been proposed as the temporary capital of Province-1, Janakpur as the temporary capital of Province-2, Thimi of Bhaktapur as the temporary capital of Province-3, Pokhara as the temporary capital of Province-4, Dang as the temporary capital of Province-5, Surkhet as the temporary capital of Province-6 and Dhangadi as the temporary capital of Province-7.

The Ministry of Urban Development proposed the names of these places for temporary capitals of the respective provinces after they were found to be appropriate for the same on the basis of an on-site study.

A team led by the Ministry’s secretary Rajendra Poudel carried out on-site visit and study of all the places in each province and proposed these places as temporary capitals.

“We prepared the outline after the team communicated to us following its on-site study that these places would be appropriate for the temporary province capitals. Now, a meeting of the Council of Ministers will declare the proposed places as temporary capitals after necessary study,” spokesperson Panthi said.

The Provincial government of each province can change the province capital.

Constitutionally, a two-thirds majority of the Province Assembly can decide on the province capital.

Joint Secretary Panthi said that the temporary capitals have been fixed in view of the physical infrastructure, the availability of employees and communications, power supply and other resources. RSS