Govt preparing to take ‘unilateral’ decision on prov capitals, governors and upper house election

temporary province capitals, governors, upper house election

KATHMANDU, Jan 5: As the left alliance leaders have given green signals to Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba in announcing temporary province capitals, appointing province chiefs and fix date for National Assembly election, the government is preparing to take ‘unilateral’ decision in these three matters.

The government will likely complete the internal preparation regarding the matters and summon a cabinet meeting by Monday to decide the temporary province capitals, province chiefs and scheduling of the upper house election, said the private secretariat of Prime Minister on Friday.

Prime Minister Deuba had called a meeting of the major five parties on Thursday seeking consensus to fix the temporary province capitals and appoint province chiefs. Since, the left alliance leaders, who earlier had stated that the incumbent government cannot appoint governors and fix capitals as it is only caretaker government, softened their stance and did not present any concrete suggestion over the issues; the government is now expected to take decisions on its own.

Earlier, UML Chair KP Oli had stated that they would not take oath of office and secrecy from the province chiefs appointed by the Deuba-led caretaker government.

But, the leaders of the two parties of the left alliance, stating that they were not in the position to recommend the government to do any task as it didn’t listen to UML’s suggestions earlier, rather urged PM Deuba to pave way for the formation of a new government, completing all the constitutional and legal procedures including fixing province capitals, appoint province chiefs and schedule National Assembly Election date.

“Appointment of governors and fixing province capitals are none of our concerns now. We will give our decisions to these issues after the formation of province assembly,” UML vice-chair Bhim Rawal told Reporters’ Club Nepal.

“The government has to take all the decisions abiding by the constitutional framework without dillydallying and clear path for the formation of a new government,” he added.