Govt has no right to fix temporary province capitals: Law Minister Thapa

Yagya Bahadur Thapa, province capitals


KATHMANDU, Jan 7: Law Minister Yagya Bahadur Thapa has backed the government’s plan to avoid the task of fixing temporary province capitals.

His statement come at a time when the government seems unlikely to fix the temporary province capitals owing to the tensions and protests that erupted in various cities in the country demanding their home towns be declared capitals.

“The present government has no right to fix temporary province capitals. Neither the next government will have the right to do so,” clarified Minister Thapa while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Sunday.

“Article 288 (2) of Nepal’s constitution clearly states that the capital of a Province under the constitution shall be decided by a two-thirds majority of the number of the members of the concerned Province Assembly,” he said adding, “Constitutionally the government is in no position to declare temporary province capitals.”

“Thus, this government will not fix capitals.”

Minister Thapa further said that the government basing on the clause (3) of the same article will specify the places the provinces shall conduct their business until the decision is made in accordance with clause 2.

Thapa also said that the cabinet meeting to be held on Monday will appoint governors of all seven provinces. “Since, all the political parties have realized the necessity of Province Chiefs, the government will appoint qualified chiefs on Monday.”

“The government is preparing for the same,” he added.

He further added that discussions are being carried out to swear-in the new Province Chiefs in Kathmandu.