Dr KC’s statement: It’s not me but CJ Parajuli’s activities defy dignity of court

Govinda KC

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: The Supreme Court today recorded statements from senior orthopaedist Prof Dr Govinda KC facing the case on contempt of court. He was arrested Monday and was presented before the court after the Ministry of Home Affairs and Nepal Police Headquarters were commanded for the same.

During his statements, Dr KC said he should not face contempt of court charge on the basis of opinions he gave through media.

He further stated that it is not him but Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli himself was the one whose behaviors are offensive to the authority, justice and dignity of judiciary.

“By arresting me, CJ Parajuli has challenged the dignity of independent judiciary.”

“It not me but Parajuli’s activities defy the court.”

“Thus, it is my demand to take actions against CJ Parajuli on charge of court’s contempt.”

“As an aware citizen, I believe CJ Parajuli should resign from the post. Otherwise, justice like Parajuli will always be an obstacle to the dignity of independent judiciary.”

Dr KC also accused Parajuli of possessing two citizenship certificates one of which included a forged certificate made to change his date of birth.

A division bench comprising judges Om Prakash Mishra and Kedar Prasad Chalise will conduct a hearing on the case.

Senior advocates Krishna Prasad Bhandari and Dinesh Tripathi and advocates Surendra Bhandari and Lekhanth Nepaune are pleading in favor of Dr KC.

Dr KC began the fast-onto-death in response to the SC’s Sunday’s decision to reinstate dean (suspended four years ago) of Institute of Medicine (IoM) Dr Shashi Sharma to the post. He has sought resignation from incumbent Chief Justice Gopal Prasad Parajuli for the Sunday’s move.

He was taken under the police control from the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) where he had staged the hunger strike Monday evening.