Dr KC’s activities belittling judiciary’s dignity: Nepal Bar Association

Nepal Bar Association

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) has drawn its attention on the activities of Dr Govinda KC of blaming the judiciary and using unethical terminologies targeting the particular justice.

The meeting of the NBA Friday concluded that such activities of Dr KC were defaming the public respect to a free and accountable judiciary.

The press statement issued by the NBA General Secretary Khamba Bahadur Khati has stated that a wrong trend could exist if such activities continued.

The trend of staging on hunger strike, demanding resignation of justices if the court decision failed to favour someone’s vested interest was wrong, press statement reads.

There are legal institutions to ensure legal remedies if required therefore, undue pressure to the judiciary was against the spirit of law, the press statement reads further.

The NBA has urged Dr KC to withdraw his decision of continuing hunger strike. RSS