Intense verbal brawl charges ‘Dhamala ko Hamala’ after Bishwokarma tells Badal ‘UML’ is weak (see video)

Dhamala ko Hamala

KATHMANDU, Jan 14: Famous television talk show Dhamala ko Hamala witnessed some heated arguments and verbal fights between Nepali Congress leader and Minister Min Bishwokarma and CPN-UML leader Keshab Badal on Monday.

Journalist and Reporters’ Club Nepal President Rishi Dhamala had invited Bishwokarma, Badal and Federal Socialist Forum Nepal leader Rajendra Shrestha in his talk show to discuss about the ongoing political issues. The discussion started with debate about the delay on province chiefs and temporary province capitals.

As the discussion carried on, Bishwokarma said accused UML of forcing to provision single transferable voting system for the formation of National Assembly, which Badal refused to accept and blamed Bishwokarma of fabricating the story. Badal claimed nothing as such had happened in House. But Bishwokarma defended saying the House Speaker never allowed the ordinance be tabled in the House.

As the talk went on, Bishwokarma said that UML does not still have majority to form the government alone and Oli is becoming the next prime minister in support of its left alliance partner CPN (Maoist Center). He then added that UML is accusing Nepali Congress of trying to lengthen its tenure because UML itself is weak. Then Badal told Bishwokarma that UML is not weak but worried about people and democracy adding NC could stay in government as longer as it wants. But Bishwokarma interrupted Badal by telling ‘don’t talk like a village folk’—the very sentence Bishwokarma uttered triggered a heated verbal exchanges between the three leaders.

See video here.