EC gives ‘Jan 21 deadline’ to govt for appointing province chiefs

National Assembly Election

KATHMANDU, Jan 14: The Election Commission on Monday has said that the government should appoint province chiefs within six days, warning that the National Assembly election cannot be conducted on the scheduled date if the government fails to name governors before January 21.

The EC issued a six-day ultimatum since the government failed to appoint province chiefs despite frequent request from the election body. The government has scheduled NA election for February 7.

The Election Commission is planning to announce voters’ list for National Assembly election on Sunday.

The Electoral College for the National Assembly consists of province assembly members and chiefs and deputy chiefs of local government. And, to announce the electors, the province assembly members should be sworn-in by the province chiefs. Therefore, the province chiefs should be appointed by Friday, according to the EC.

Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav said that due to delay in appointment of chiefs, legal complexities related to election has been surfaced.

He added that the EC would be compelled to forward its activities without hampering National Assembly election process scheduled for February 7 if provincial chiefs are not appointed till January 21.

Due to government’s delay in appointing chiefs, the EC has not been able to publish the proportional representative election results.

Meanwhile, the government has said that it will appoint province chiefs within next three days.