Locals call indefinite strike demanding to declare Dang as province capital


TULASIPUR, Jan 17: An indefinite strike has been called in Dang district from today, demanding to declare Dang as temporary capital of province no 5.

Locals have been protesting at different places of the district. Long and short -route vehicular movement has come to a standstill from early morning due to the strike.

Similarly, educational institutions, industries and markets remain completely shut due to this. Vehicles have been stopped at Bhalubang and Ameliya as the Dang road section along east-west highway remain closed.

Dang President of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Sabin Priyasan, said that they have been compelled to launch indefinite strike as the government has been plotting conspiracies not to declare Dang as provincial capital of province no 5 even after Dang is appropriate in all the way to make the provincial capital.