UML decides to form two taskforces for party unity


Ramesh Giri
BHAKTAPUR, Jan 22: The CPN-UML has decided to form two taskforces to take ahead the process of merger with the CPN (Maoist Center).

The Standing Committee meeting of the party presided over by party chair KP Sharma Oli at his residence, Balkot, took the decision.

Drawing a conclusion that the party integration process has moved ahead in a positive manner, UML Secretary and Publicity Department Chief Yogesh Bhattarai said “the party has concluded to proceed with the merger process by forming two taskforces”.

Bhattarai said that a taskforce is formed to forge consensus on the party ideology and theoretical aspects and another taskforce to coordinate and manage organizational works.

He informed that a meeting of the party unification coordination committee to be held soon will finalize the merger. The meeting decided to do necessary ground work on this and present in the meetings of the respective parties, he added.

Secretary Bhattarai further informed that Chair Oli briefed the outcomes of the meetings between the chairpersons of both the parties and the party unity coordination committee held earlier.

Likewise, the meeting decided to nominate 29 candidates for the election of member of National Assembly and finalze it on January 24. It also decided to endorse the proposal on sharing of seats between the two parties as presented by the task force.

Concluding that the act of the government and police in the Nawaraj Silwal case was wrong, the meeting decided to condemn it.

The meeting that began at 4:00 pm was underway as of 8:30 pm.