Leader Nepal suggests discouraging political influence on local levels


KATHMANDU, Jan 24: CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has suggested discouraging political influence in the development of local levels.

Speaking at an inauguration of National Council meeting organized by the Federation of District Coordination Committees said, “All political parties should stand together to make the local levels strong as there would be development of the country only if local levels become stronger.”

He also urged not to misuse budget of local levels. “All should think for maximum utilization of budget for country’s development,” he added.

Similarly, another CPN-UML leader Agni Kharel said that there would not be development of local-levels until Federation of District Coordination Committees is made strong as it has been kept under local-levels.

He said, “The country has entered to a new era along with conclusion of three-tier of election. It is responsibility of all to involve in country’s development.”

Saying the elections have even brought parties that have some reservation in the constitution, at the same place, Nepali Congress leader Ramhari Khatiwada said the Federation should carry out people’s works in a smooth manner.

Likewise, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Bidya Sundar Shakya, stressed the need of formulating required laws and regulations for the operation of local-levels while Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development Purushottam Nepal urged the bodies concerned to utilize the budget of local levels in right way.

Federation President Rishiraj Lamsal and Chairperson of the State Restructuring Commission Balananda Poudel, among others stressed the need of bringing local-levels oriented programs.