NC will lend constructive role from opposition: Khand

Bal Krishna Khand

CHITWAN, Jan 26: Nepali Congress leader Balkrishna Khand has said the Nepali Congress will stay in opposition in a government to be formed anew.

Speaking at a press meet organized by the Nepal Press Union, Chitwan chapter on Friday, he said the NC had officially no plan to join a new government.

“The party’s official stand is that it sits in the opposition and lends constructive support to a new government on basis of policies and programs to be brought by that leadership.”

He added that the party had no people’s verdict to form a new government as its seats to the federal parliament had gone down.

Khand was of the view that the CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) who had an electoral alliance during the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies would themselves determine who would be the future Prime Minister.

He took the time to insist on maintaining unity within the party by ending the culture of groupism to regain its position in the next election.

On a different note, he said intra-party disputes could grow in the party if the party leadership was changed at the present time. Instead it would be better to go with the provincial organization structure by changing the party’s current structure.

He claimed that the recent decisions made by the government as per the people’s wishes, and how they are responded by a new leadership was not the concern of the incumbent government. RSS