Govt officials boycott stakeholders meeting called by EU EOM


KATHMANDU, March 23: The government officials Friday boycotted a meeting of the stakeholders called by the European Union Election Observation Mission in Nepal (EU EOM).

The EU EOM had called the stakeholders meeting for 2:00 am to 9:00 pm at Hotel Yak and Yeti today. Various stakeholders including from Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Election Commission (EC) were invited to the meeting to further discuss on the recommendations offered by the EU EOM.

But the stake holders representing Nepal did not attend the meeting in protest against the final poll observation report prepared by the EU EOM on Tuesday.

The meeting was put off at the eleventh hour, said a source close to the development.

After the EU EOM, on its final poll observation report on November 26 and December 7 election, had accused the Election Commission of lacking transparency in its work and opposed the quota system for Khas-Arya in election. The report had also made 29 recommendations for consideration.

But the report drew flak from various quarters. The EC issuing a press release on Wednesday, said it totally rejects the EU EOM’s reports citing that the report was prepared breaching the 12 points of Election Observation Code of Conduct; and termed the report “misleading”, “factless” and “in contravention of the international poll observation code of conduct”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also condemned the report prepared by the EU EOM saying recommendations and comments made by the EU EOM are a direct challenge to the provisions of the Constitution of Nepal which was promulgated, in line with the inclusive policy reflective of Nepali social structure, by the sovereign decision of Nepali people.

The EU EOM, responding to the flaks, then claimed that it prepared the report fully abiding by its terms of reference and the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the authorities of Nepal; and the assessment and recommendations in the final report are based on international and regional commitments for democratic elections.

The EU EOM, in view of the various responses on its report, had called the stakeholders meeting to further consult on the final findings.