Work procedure opens way for hiring human resource at local level

human resource

KATHMANDU, March 27: A work procedure regarding human resource management at local level on contract basis has been endorsed.

The work procedure-2074 BS to that effect was endorsed to make the local level public service effective.

According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD), the work procedure was endorsed to address the need of human resource at local level to deliver the public services smoothly and perform the functions effectively.

In keeping with the need of human resources for the operation of local government units the move has been taken to manage human resource as per the Employees Adjustment Act and Regulations when the elections for all three tiers of government have been conducted, stated a release issued by MoFALD Spokesperson Rudra Singh Tamang.

With the endorsement of the work procedure, the local governments can hire human resource required to deliver its services including agriculture, livestock, forest, health and engineering.

The new framework has also stipulated the process the local governments should follow while hiring human resource as per the vacancy quota of the public entity on contract basis.

According to the work procedure, the local governments, remaining within the mandate of approved quota, should publicly announce the vacancy for required human resource giving deadline of 15 days.

The announcement containing minimum educational qualifications and work experience should be published through website.

It is believed that the hiring of the human resource at local level would facilitate the performances of local governments and make the public services effective and efficient. RSS