NC lawmakers say, ‘white paper’ on nation’s economy is exaggerated

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KATHMANDU, April 3: In a meeting of the House of Representatives today, Nepali Congress (NC) lawmakers took the time to express their concern over the ‘white paper’ issued by Finance Minister Dr Yubraj Khatiwada few days ago.

Speaking during the special hour of the meeting, the opposition lawmakers accused the document of being based on exaggerations and not realistic.

NC member Dr Minendra Rijal, who is among the party lawmakers to speak on the occasion, accused the government of bringing the ‘white paper’ bypassing real analysis and intending to put unnecessary blame on the party.

Though the latest decade was not discouraging for the nation’s economy as it witnessed improvement in overall in this period, the government falsely presented the negative picture of economic condition.

Country’s growing trade deficit was due to no favorable situation in investing the productive sector and taking the private sector together and because of political instability, he said, underlining the need of collective efforts and a substantive step from the government to narrow down such a huge gap. RSS