Finance Minister pledges to give priority to Birgunj in new budget


BIRGUNJ, April 21: Finance Minister Dr Yubraj Khatiwada has assured that the budget for upcoming fiscal year would encourage Birgunj.

Speaking at a program organized by the Revenue Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Finance to discuss about the government revenue policies and programs and collect submissions to this regard, the Finance Minister pledged to give priority to economic town Birgunj which contributes over 54 percent to the total revenue collection in a new budget. The Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry facilitated the program.

On the occasion, the Minister pledged to promote those industries making contributions to the nation’s economy and improve the policy of business tax.

According to him, syndicate in other areas will be gradually removed as in the transport sector and Nepal will raise the issue of old Indian currency during the Nepal-India meeting so as to seek a solution to the problem. RSS