Party unification has created strong basis for development and prosperity: PM Oli


KATHMANDU, May 19: Prime Minister and chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli has said the party unification has created a viable condition for development and prosperity.

Presiding over the first meeting of the lawmakers representing the party in the Federal Parliament after the formation of the CPN at the Federal Parliament Building at New Baneshwar today, he urged for using this unity for the rule of law, development and prosperity as he said this unification between the CPN -UML and CPN (Maoist Center) has been done in a way to send a message of how to cooperate with each other to the world.  The two parties were united on May 17.

“We want to project Nepal in 10 years from now as a heaven on earth crafted through the joint efforts of humans and nature. There would be a situation in which foreign tourists coming to Nepal would return home praising it,” he said.

Party chair Oli called on all the lawmakers to steer the time ahead in keeping with the public aspirations as the CPN has now become a big communist party of the country in terms of the popular votes.

He also urged the MPs to observe whether the works and activities of the Prime Minister, ministers and the government as a whole have been carried out in a proper way or not. “We are in the government not for promoting nepotism, favouritism and discrimination. We are here with the promise of building the country. There is no concession to waver in this. Be conscious of this fact as the parliament is a place to change the government and make laws,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Oli, who is also the CPN parliamentary party leader, said the government’s policies and programs, as well as the budget would be brought along with the outline of the prosperity, urging the MPs to present themselves in the parliament in a way to pass the government’s policies, programs and the budget, and get it implemented.

“Tell the leadership if there are any lacunas in the policies and programs. Speak in its favor in the parliament so as to maintain the party’s dignity,” he added.

The Prime Minister and CPN parliamentary party leader reiterated that the constitution could be amended based on the nation’s need and relevance.


Prime Minister Oli shared that he was planning to visit north neighbour within a month.  He added that the bilateral relations with both neighbours (North and South) were developing based on balanced and keeping the national interest in center.  He also said that Nepal will initiate to make the regional institutions like SAARC and BIMSTEC active.

On another note, Prime Minister Oli also the chair of the Communist Party of Nepal said that Nepali Congress (main opposition) should not feel threatened while left alliance running the government.  He added that the left force will not be misused in wrong place and motif.

Similarly, Prime Minister Oli opined that the modality of parliamentary constituency development might be changed adding that there was difficulty to provide the fund for the parliamentarians. He said that allocation of constituency to the lawmakers from House of Representative and National Assembly was difficulty.

PM Oli also urged the lawmakers to give written suggestions to the government after holding discussion on province based. He asked such suggestions before May 22 to include in the upcoming budget.

The meeting has unanimously elected the chair Oli as the party parliamentary party leader.  However, deputy PP leader, chief whip and whip are yet to be nominated and the decision to this end will be taken on consensus basis, said lawmaker Dev Gurung. RSS