Gharti not happy with minimal women’s representation in new party


KATHMANDU, May 20: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leader Onsari Gharti Magar, Sunday, has expressed dissatisfaction over the minimal inclusion of women representatives in the newly formed communist party.

The two largest leftist forces of Nepal, CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) merged last week. The new party has a nine-member secretariat (also known as High Command), 43 standing committee members (25 from UML and 18 from MC) and 441 central committee members (241 from UML and 200 from MC).

“The women’s representation in the High Command is null. Men representatives have also dominated the other organizational bodies of the party,” Magar told Reporters’ Club Nepal.

“Women have significant roles in the Nepali communist movement. But the newly formed Nepal Communist Party has weak representative of women, which is very disappointing,” she added.

“We will debate about this in the party.”

Magar said that the women leaders of NCP are capable of handling any kind of leadership.

“There should be women’s representation in the party. Women should be made competent if we are to realize the dream of prosper and happy Nepal,” she added.

“We will make effort for representation of 33 per cent women in the party standing committee. If 33 per cent representation cannot be ensured immediately, we will provision such system by amending the party statute,” she furthered.