Government’s regulatory not controlling role over NGOs sought


KATHMANDU, May 25: The government has been advised to strictly regulate the activities of non-government organizations instead of controlling them.

Speaking at an interaction programs on ‘ legal structure related to non-government organizations in Nepal’ organized by the Good Governance (GoGo) Foundation on Friday, the regulatory role of the government was sought in relation with NGOs.

National Planning Commission member Meen Bahadur Shahi said the government would strengthen the presence of Social Welfare Council and regulate the business of NGOs in the country.

He added that the government was about to revise the structure of Council to make the regulation of activities of NGOs more effective. Public-private cooperation could lead the nation towards prosperity.

Lawmaker Yagya Bahadur Sunar said regulation of NGOs was essential as NGOs even did not follow the instruction of the State.

Lawmaker Narayan Khatiwada was of the view that NGOs should be allowed to work on the issues of nationality and social issues. Local levels should be handed the responsibility of regulating them, he added.

Lawmaker Kishore Singh Rathaur stressed that whether target groups were benefitted by NGOs’ activities should be evaluated.

Lawmaker Rekha Kumar Jha underlined the need of formulation of new laws to monitor NGOs’ activities.

Informal Service Sector chair Subodh Pyakurel claimed that government bodies lacked competency and knowledge to regulate NGOs’ business. So far monitoring was limited to just in papers.

Secretary at the Office of Province Chief Minister, Indira Dahal, said lack of required laws and directives had made the monitoring over such organizations difficult.

Council vice chair Nilmani Baral said the effective monitoring and regulation of NGOs had not been possible due compulsion of working with the existing laws.

GoGo Foundation executive director Kedar Khadka highlighted the significant role of NGOs in bringing positive changes in the country their regulation not control was needed. RSS