Province 4 recommends ‘Gandaki’ as province name and ‘Pokhara’ as capital

Province 4

POKHARA, June 4 : The Province Capital and Naming Committee, in a meeting of the Province Assembly of Province-4, presented a report with recommendation to name province-4 as Gandaki and capital as Pokhara.

On the occasion, Committee’s senior member Bindu Kumar Thapa shared that the 11-member Province Capital Naming Committee held discussion with the concerned political parties, civil society and private sector.

In course of the consultation, five teams were mobilized for recommendation collection in 11 districts. During the consultation, 705 respondents (93.87 percent) said that the province capital should be ‘Pokhara’ while 30 respondents (3.99 percent) said it to be ‘Gorkha’ and other 16 respondents preferred ‘other’.

Thapa informed that the opinion of all 11 districts was in favor of Pokhara as the capital.

The political parties representing the state assembly including Communist Party of Nepal, Nepali Congress and Rastriya Janamorcha put their opinion in favor of naming the province-4 as Gandaki and its capital Pokhara while Naya Shakti Party has different view on the province name.

Naaya Shakti has put its opinion to name the province as Gandaki Tamuwan, Gandaki and Annapurna based on priority respectively.