PM Oli urges Province 1 lawmakers to fulfill people’s expectation


BIRATNAGAR, June 9: Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has urged the lawmakers in Province 1 to win public trust by fulfilling their expectations.

Addressing the Provincial-1 Assembly meeting in Biratnagar on Saturday, PM Oli said time has come for all to concentrate on good governance and economic prosperity.

“Economic prosperity and good governance should be ensured by materializing the rights provisioned in the constitution,” PM Oli said, adding that the country was poor because the rulers and the people’s servants took people’s property as their asset.

According to him, now, the people should realize the change. The people’s representatives should work as people’s servants, so that people feel the change. “I don’t involve in corruption and don’t allow others either. I’ve directed the Cabinet and bureaucracy to work for people, maintaining discipline,” PM Oli reminded.
Moreover, he stressed that all should work seriously to free some 6 to 8 million Nepalis from poverty.

On a different note, he said Nepal was never colonized and it is a glorious country.
Stating that the government was functioning on the basis of understanding, the PM thanked the opposition for endorsement of the government policies and programs through understanding. He took the time to call on the opposition to work together on the issues of consent, stability, peace, development and democracy.

As he said, bilateral ties with India had further consolidated following his latest India visit. The contact office of the Biratnagar-based Indian Embassy was removed and experts were working to update the 1950 ‘s Treaty after the visit, he added.

He urged the people to be confident that his (upcoming) visit to northern neighbor China taking place in a near future would turn on the welfare of the country. “China has respects to Nepal’s sovereignty, independence and geographical integrity,” the PM viewed.

He went on to say that a survey had already begun for the construction of Birgunj-Kathmandu railway, expressing his hope that it would come into operation by next five years. The construction of Keyrong-Kathmandu, Kathmandu-Pokhara railways will take place and Kathmandu will see the operation of monorail services by the next three years. He pledged to ensure sufficient irrigation facilities in Province 2 through the adoption of modern irrigation technology.

PM Oli urged all to follow the laws and not to orient towards unlawful activities, otherwise they would face legal actions. He further urged all to respect the national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

He further committed to support for strengthening the province. The PM also said that the responsibility of developing the province goes to the province government as well.

PM Oli said the province, home to the world’s highest peak, was also rich in natural resources and medicinal herbs therefore such resources should be properly utilized for the development of the province and the country. RSS