Peace and security towards positive direction: Home Minister Thapa


KATHMANDU, June 10: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has said that people have become hopeful as the government was working positively for peace and security, and stability for prosperity.

Speaking at a meeting of the National Assembly on Sunday, Home Minister Thapa said that the ill-practices and social crimes would be effectively curbed and social discrimination ended.

The attention of the Home Ministry was seriously drawn that the government has formed a committee to probe into the risks seen over the issue of women and children, Home Minister Thapa added.

Saying that political and administration activities were boosted to crush the secessionist and extremists, Home Minister further said that special campaign was initiated to control the organized crime which he termed was an obstacle to country’s peace and security and development.

The syndicate in the transport sector was brought to an end and syndicates in other sectors too would be controlled, he added.

The Home Minister opined that the Home Ministry was serious regarding the delayed construction works as agreed in the contracts.

Likewise, Minister Thapa also pledged effective measures for disaster risk reduction and robust rescue and relief mechanisms.