A lot of guys love me, says Radhika Hamal


KATHMANDU, June 16: Famous folk singer Radhika Hamal has suggested the artists of Nepal not to go to foreign countries seeking jobs. She added that we should stay here in Nepal in any good or bad condition.

“Travelling to a foreign country for a show or a program is a different thing. But we should not forget Nepal and stay there. I would not go because I have my own recording studio in Nepal,” Hamal told Rishi Dhamala in an interview.

“Besides, I am also involved in politics. I have no plan to stay abroad,” added Hamal who these days is busy in finalizing a Teej song.

“I am in process of recording this song. This song will probably be released on occasion of Teej,” she added.

She has given her voice in Lahure composed by Ek Narayan Bhandari.

Hamal is best known for her song ‘Dhalkyo Jawani’.

She further said that a lot of guys love her. “Most of them loves me truly. I have become successful because of the love from the youths and elders as well,” she added.