Leftists and Democrats should work together to attain socialism: Nepal


CHITWAN, June 25: Senior leader of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that the leftist and democratic forces should work together for the establishment of socialism in the country.

While unveiling a bust of the late Pushpa Lal Shrestha, the founding general secretary of the NCP, on Monday, he recalled the unity among all political forces to overcome the then tyrannical rule in the past.

“Attainment of socialism is not a pipe dream if the party is taken ahead according to Pushpa Lal’s principles. Pushpa Lal never liked to be known by his caste-based identity, he preferred to be called comrade Pushpalal, instead,” said Nepal.

Leader Nepal is the central chair of Pushpa Lal Memorial Foundation and the bust was sent by the Foundation’s central office for installing it in front of the building of its Narayangadh-based branch.