“Motion of public importance helps budget,” argues FM Dr Khatiwada


KATHMANDU, June 28: Minister for Finance Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada has asserted that the proposal of public importance tabled at the House of Representatives (HoR) today would not affect the discussion on the Appropriation Bill-2075 rather it would help the discussion on Appropriation Bill.

Responding to the queries raised by the lawmakers over the proposal of public importance, Minister Dr Khatiwada said that the proposal was tabled to draw the government’s attention towards ensuring the smooth and effective implementation of the under-constructions projects.

He said,” I am confident that the proposal would further help the discussion on the Appropriation Bill instead of disrupting the discussion process.”

The Minister stated that there are innumerable projects and limited resources before the government, so it lacks sufficient amount of budget to complete the projects.

Furthermore, he clarified that the central government has acknowledged the fact that the mega projects were to be taken care by the central government while the medium and small scale projects by the respective local governments.

Lawmaker Khagaraj Adhikari had tabled the proposal of public importance underscoring the need for the projects to drinking water, roads, drainage and irrigation among others be completed by the end of the next fiscal year and handed over after that to the concerned government and at local level.

The lawmaker had on June 12 registered the motion at the Secretariat of the Federal Parliament, drawing the attention of the concerned authority for timely completion of those projects being run the resources provided by the Central governments as he was of the view that the limited resources would impeded the construction of such projects.

Lawmakers from the ruling parties and the opposition parties had expressed their views on the Proposal. RSS