NC says govt breached law annulling political appointments


KATHMANDU, July 5: The main opposition party Nepali Congress has concluded the government’s latest move as autocratic arguing that its decision to annul the appointments made by erstwhile government is an attack to the constitution of Nepal.

“Nepali Congress concludes that the government’s two separate decisions made on July 4 as government’s orientation toward autocratic practice,” the party said in a press release on Thursday.

A cabinet meeting held yesterday decided to invalidate all the appointments made from  August 30, 2017 till January 2, 2018 by the caretaker government led by NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba, resulting dismissal of nearly 300 government staffers including National Reconstruction Authority CEO Yubaraj Bhusal. As an effect of the decision, five Additional Inspectors General, Janaki Raj Bhattarai, Subodh Adhikari, Nirakar Bikram Shah, Khadananda Chaudhary and Rajesh Shrestha—who were promoted by Deuba—were also demoted to Deputy Inspectors General.

Deuba had appointed them at a time when the then CPN-UML (now Nepal Communist Party) had just secured victory in House of Representative election. The election code of conduct was still in effect.

“All the appointments were made by the elected government. The decisions were taken in permission with the Election Commission and completing council’s process,” NC said in the release.

“It’s not the question of a person, but of the system…not about the appointments or annulments but of the established law and constitution. The government, by canceling the appointments, has breached law,” the release states.

NC has also warned the government not to forward the replacement bill for the National Medical Education Ordinance. “If the government forwards the bill, the NC will exert pressure at the parliament, street, media and social network,” the release reads.

NC has also concluded not the take lightly the government’s prohibitory decision to ban protest and demonstration programs at Maitighar Mandala. The party has warned that they would not stop protest until the government withdraws its decision.

“Increasing interference on press freedom, disrespect on judiciary by granting pardon to murder accused Balkrishna Dhungel, taking lawmakers’ question at parliament as joke, ban on demonstration in streets, are the examples that shows government’s false commitment to democracy and orientation toward Stalinism,” the release states.

NC further warns that the government will face pressure if it doesn’t correct its decisions.