Poonam Pandey going topless at Deja Vu Club in Kathmandu?

Punam pandey

KATHMANDU, July 14: Indian glamour model and film actress Poonam Pandey has hinted that she might go topless while watching the cup at Club Deja Vu on Sunday evening if her ‘favourite’ team lifts the football world cup trophy.

Speaking at an interaction program organized at the reporters’ Club Nepal on Saturday by Club Deja Vu, the actor turned glamour model said that she does not have any plans of going topless right now, but added ‘you never know’. Responding to queries from journalists, Pandey said that she remembers the promise of going topless if her home team would lift the Cricket World Cup trophy last year.

“You know, I promised to do that last year. Not this year. But while I say that, you should also understand that you take off things, when you are excited. Let’s see if the matches pump in so much of excitement,” she said while winking! “If Croatia wins, I don’t know what I will do. But I am certain, it will be seriously something,” Said Pandey.

Elaborating on her favourite team, she said that she has not taken any sides as such but has ‘soft spot’ for Croatia. “It is sports and I love sports. I came to Kathmandu not to support a particular football team, but to enjoy Nepali culture, cuisines and most of all to be with my fans,” she said.

“I have heard a lot about Nepal, its temples, its natural beauty from my mother. But I have never personally got the opportunity to see it in the first person. I have special regards for the Buddhist philosophy and as the birthplace of Buddha, I will be visiting some Buddhist shrines during my stay in Kathmandu,” she said.

“I am a nature lover. I love mountains, rivers, trees and forests. So you will be seeing me back in some time – not as a glamour model but as a backpacker. I want to dwell Nepal’s mountains and ravens, all alone and get lost in nature, away from the cameras and hustle bustle of a celebrity,” she said adding that it will be a top-secret trip.

Speaking at the program, owner of Deja Vu club, K P Gaire said that actress came to watch final of 2018 Russia World cup with them and that the club appreciated her for taking the flight to Kathmandu from Mumbai.  “If celebrities like her from the international front come to Nepal and openly appreciate our hospitality, that will be a great boost for our tourism and hospitality industry. We appreciate her team’s decision to join us for watching the finale of this year’s football world cup.”

Actress Pandey is all set to show off at club on Sunday night while rooting for world cup finalist team. She will be with her fans and. This time she is supporting to Croatia.