NA meeting postponed until August 1


KATHMANDU, July 25: The National Assembly (NA) meeting has been postponed for August 1 due to the obstruction of Nepali Congress (NC).

Lawmakers of the major opposition party stood from their respective seats in a gesture of protest in the meeting.

NC lawmaker Badri Pandey said that NC had taken the government’s effort to hold a dialogue with Dr Govinda KC positively and demanded to conclude the dialogue.

Pandey demanded an impartial investigation into the Jumla incident during Dr KC’s hunger strike.

A clash had ensued between security personnel and Dr KC’s supporters on July 19 after the latter had protested the visiting government team entering the premises to hold a talk with Dr KC.

The NC upper house member demanded Durga Prasai be brought to justice whose snide comments directed towards the character of Nepali female students studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

Another lawmaker Ram Narayan Bidari, speaking amid the obstruction, demanded the protesting lawmakers to explain on which grounds and rules the NC lawmakers were obstructing the NA meeting.

NA Chairperson Ganesh Prasad Timilsina ruled the Ministers to be present in the NA meeting on time. He also repeatedly requested the NC lawmakers to be seated to resume the meeting.