Lawmakers analyzing consensus on revision to Medical Education Bill


Prakash Silwal
KATHMANDU, June 28: Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties have started minutely analyzing the agreement relating to the revision to the National Medical Education Bill, reached between the government and Prof Dr Govinda KC.

The lawmakers are in the preparations of exercising their sovereign rights by analyzing agreements reached with Dr KC and the necessity of the country in regard with the formulation of a law.

The nine-point agreement reached between the government and Dr KC on Thursday state that a letter of intent shall not be given for the operation of bachelor’s level classes under the medical, dental and nursing program for the next 10 years since the commencement of an act.

The agreed issues should be integrated into the bill through amendments to legalize them.

Following the agreement, Dr KC ended his 15th fast-onto-death on the 27th day which was welcomed by the lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Ram Narayan Bidari said with the withdrawal of a note of dissent registered by the opposition to not allow the bill, the general process for the formulation of act has begun.

“The right to determine the form of bill and pass it is held by the parliament. Voices from outsiders should not be totally ignored taking the decision on the matter, but the ultimate right is with the parliament.”

He went on to say that Medical Education Commission proposed in the bill will take decision on the affiliation issues by making standard.

NC lawmaker Bhimsendas Pradhan said giving the affiliation may fall under the jurisdictions of the Commission, any decision should not contrad with consent and suggestions of civil society leaders like Dr KC.