Energy Minister urges Israel to consider investment in energy sector


KATHMANDU, July 30: Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Benny Omer paid a courtesy call on Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barshaman Singh Pun on Monday.

During the meeting held at the office of Minister Pun’s office, they discussed the issues relating to mutual cooperation between Nepal and Israel among others, according to Minister Pun’s Secretariat.

Minister Pun, stating that a new era of stability had dawned in the country following the promulgation of a new constitution, urged the Israeli Ambassador Omer to help enable an environment conducive for the Israeli investors to invest in Nepal’s energy sector.

The Minister said, “There’s demand of 10,000 Mega Watt of electricity for Nepal in 10 years. We have a favorable investment climate in Nepal for the investors in energy sector. Thus, I urge the Israeli investors to consider investing in this sector.”

Citing the long diplomatic ties shared between Nepal and Israel, Pun expressed his confidence that the bilateral relationship between these two countries would be further strengthened.

He said that the government was eager to further bolster the cooperation between Nepal and Israel in the sectors like agriculture and technology.

Israeli envoy Omer shared Israeli government’s willingness to augment cooperation between the two countries in the areas of energy and irrigation. Omer shared that Israel was looking for stakeholder for investing in energy sector and reaffirmed his cooperation to the government towards this end.

He said, “The private sector in Israel is willing to invest in Nepal’s energy sector and we are looking for stakeholders for the same.” RSS