People’s representatives from Congress hold separate press meet in Bhaktapur


BHAKTAPUR, July 31: The people’s representatives winning the election in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality from Nepali Congress (NC), having come out in public with a divided opinion over their Municipality’s programme, policy and budget.

The majority of NC’s representatives have been defending the newly unveiled plan, policies and budget of the Municipality while a section of it has protested against it.
At a press conference held at Kaushaltar in Bhaktapur on Tuesday, the majority side claimed that the Municipality had formulated plan, policies, programs and budget as per the principles, values and Statute of the party.

Issuing a joint press statement signed by 29 people including Deputy Mayor Anjana Devi Madhikarmi, Chairperson of ward no 3 and Municipality’s spokesperson Ram Thapa Magar, Chairperson of ward no 9 Ramkaji Chakradhar, Municipality Spokesperson Thapa urged the municipality’s public not to go by hearsay about the tax increase.

Thapa explained that the tax was not increased in any services and facilities to be rendered by the Municipality on the contrary to the widespread message that the Municipality increased the tax in the interest of the people’s representatives.
The Municipality’s spokesperson said, “We are functioning within the agenda of political party for the development of the Municipality. No party should interfere with the people representatives’ work that is in the best of public’s interest.”

Similarly, ward no 2 Chair Prem Kutu reaffirmed that they were very sensitive towards the public and said that all the office-bearers in the Municipality worked sensibly in the matter relating to the integrated property tax.

Among the total 35 representatives elected to the Municipality, six had held a press meet separately at the office of ward no 1 of the Municipality and had protested against the policies, programmes and budget allocation of the municipality.

Chairperson of ward no 1 Suraj Khadka shared that they had written ‘note of dissent’ expressing qualm over the Municipality’s programme and budget, blaming that the tax was increased arbitrarily.

In continuation of their dissent, Ward no 1 had staged pen down protest from July 17 and had resumed the regular operation of the office since July 27. Those having differing views about the Municipality’s program and policies have unveiled to organize a protest rally in Bal Kumari today evening. RSS