Nepalis staying illegally in UAE urged to make the most of amnesty


KATHMANDU, Aug 1: The Nepali Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has urged the Nepalis living in the UAE illegally for various reasons to take advantage of a three-month amnesty granted for all living illegally in the UAE.

The general amnesty is to begin from today and would last till October 30.
The UAE cabinet recently deicide on the amnesty which will give the violators of residency permit options either to get the legal status by paying nominal fees or leave the country voluntarily without having to face any legal consequences.

UAE, having total populations over 9.4 million according to the World Bank in 2014, has around 7.8 million of migrants. Among them around 100,000 are Nepali migrant workers.

The Embassy in UAE has stated that the offender’s either overstaying their visa or fleeing their workplace could benefit from the amnesty. If the illegal expatriates avail of the amnesty, they could leave the country without ‘no entry’ passport stamp meaning they would not have to pay the immigration charges in the UAE.

The UAE authority has also provisioned a new 6-month visa for migrant workers who have already overstayed their visas but were willing to further work in the UAE for which they ought to pay 500 Dirham (around RS 15000).

Those Nepalis without passports could make a travel document in the Nepali Embassy in the UAE to return home under this amnesty.

The Embassy has also urged those willing to stay and work in UAE to submit the copies of their old passport or police report to the office of the Embassy in the Abu Dhabi. RSS