Lawmakers call for action


KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Speaking in the special hour of the House of Representatives meeting on Wednesday, lawmaker Ghanshyam Khatiwada of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) denounced the incident of the poisoning of the drinking water at the Jaante Secondary School at Jaante of Morang district yesterday.

Some miscreants had mixed poison in the water inside the water tank at the school. Thirteen students who drank water fell ill, three of them seriously.

Khatiwada demanded stern action against those poisoning the drinking water. He also urged the government to equip the security personnel with enough resources so that they can promptly come for rescue in emergency situations.

Prakashman Singh of the Nepali Congress informed the lower house of the federal parliament that many places in Kathmandu constituency-1 have become waterlogged due to the flooding caused by the swollen Dhobikhola and the Bagmati rivers.

Stating that the water has entered many houses and shops in these areas causing damages to people’s properties, he expressed his anger over the different organizations involved in river cleaning campaign had not fulfilled their responsibility. RSS