Promise on Melamchi becomes a headache for Minister Magar 


KATHMANDU, August 21: It’s becoming more of a dream for residents of Kathmandu to have drinking water from Melamchi in their water taps.

Deadline for distributing water of the the Melamchi Drinking Water Project (MDWP) has been set and postponed multiple times. The recent deadline was put set by Minister of Water Supply and Sanitation, Bina Magar after taking over the ministry’s responsibilities. She had promised to have the water distributed to homes by this Dashain.

But its now almost certain that she won’t be able to keep her promise as well. And this has put her under tremendous pressure. Minister Magar is making preparations to take stern action against the contractor company, if it misses the deadline.

She recently went to the project site and met with representatives of the contractor company, CMC, from its headquarters in Itally. During the meeting with the representatives, she warned them that she will take strong actions against the company if it does not completes the project within the deadline.

Speaking with the representatives of the contractor company, CMC, that were visiting from its headquarters in Italy, the minister said that government has completed its responsibility on time and pressed the contractors to finish all relevant works on time.

In the previous discussion held with the high level representatives of head of the company, there was a consensus that the Melamchi water would be channeled into Sundarijal reservoir.