Chepangs of Dhading without land certificate, deprived of housing grant


DHADING, Aug 22: Chepang communities residing at Parlak, Bhainse, and Bangkurti of Benighat Rorang rural municipality-2 in Dhading have been disappointed as they were deprived of housing grant announced by the government for earthquake survivors.

Despite having their names in the list of beneficiaries of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), the government body formed to carry out post-quake reconstruction works, they have become ineligible to make the house reconstruction agreement.

The Chepang people here had been rendered homeless as other villagers as the 2015 April quake ravaged the entire settlement. Though a technical team from the NRA had already been here to conduct a survey of the affected settlement before recommending survivors for the grant, the Chepangs do not have land registration certificates and under this condition, they are disqualified to make an agreement with the NRA to rebuild house as well as draw the announced monetary assistance. complained one Purna Bahadur Chepang.

“Though our names have been in the list of beneficiaries and the NRA team had already made a housing grant agreement with us, the further process has got stalled as we do not own the legal land ownership certificates,” he said.

Hasta Bahadur, Sukara, Suka Ram, Som Singh, Chandra Bahadur, Deep Lal, Som Bahadur, Shukram, Lal Bahadur, Dil Bahadur, Bir Bahadur, Sher Bahadur, Bikram, Aaita Singh, Jagat Bahadur and Rup Bahadur have the similar stories as of Purna Bahadur to share with.

No Chepang family in the entire village has land certificate which is a must for making the housing grant agreement with the NRA, but they have been living here since years. They do not want to leave the place and fear that whether they would be forced to move away.

During the 2032 BS land survey, land plots at Parlak and Bangkurti villages had registered under the address of Lothar Kandrang Panchayat ward no – 4, Dhading district, Bagmati Zone. According to ward chair Tanka Bahadur Thapa, the land that had been earlier surveyed under the Dhading district later was recorded toward neighboring district Chitwan and with this change, the records of survey details had been transferred to Chitwan. Latterly, the village came toward Dhading again during demarcation of boundaries of district.

“The Chepang people have to struggle for managing a square meal did not get time to lobby for their legal rights on the land. The government bodies also did not feel necessary to realize their situation and do something for the cause of these indigenous people. They have not paid land tax yet. The issue should be addressed through a special provision,” he asserted. RSS