NC told to amend its statute to ensure 33% seats to women

Gokul Baskota

KATHMANDU, August 27: The Nepal Women’s Association has asked for 33 per cent seats to women from ward to the central levels in the Nepali Congress.

At a program organized in the capital city on Sunday evening to mark the 22nd memorial day of Association’s founding chairperson late Mangala Devi Singh , the speakers said that one thirds of the seats should be ensured to the women.

On the occasion, Nepali Congress leader Prakashman Singh said that the women should pile pressure on the leadership for the party’s statute amendment for women’s rights. “You (women) move ahead in an organized manner for the women’s rights. I am in your side,” Singh said.

Likewise, Nepali Congress leader Ambika Basnet said that time has come for further struggle since the women in Nepal were still unsecured. She also urged the women to unite to fight against the violence against women.

Also speaking during the event, Association’s chairperson Uma Regmi asked the Nepali Congress to amend the party statute to make sure 33 per cent of the total seats to the women from the ward committee to the central committee.

On the occasion, women leaders Sarswati Tiwari, Dhana Khatiwada, province lawmaker Kalpana Nepali, former lawmaker Kalyani Rijal and others expressed their displeasure to the NC saying that the party has not yet remembered the foundering chairperson of the Nepal Women’s Association– the sister organization of the NC. RSS