PM Oli urges writers to produce literature supporting prosperity


KATHMANDU, Aug 28: Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has called on people to help create a situation so that litterateurs could spend time describing the prosperity of Nepal, besides its splendid beauty.

Opening the 33rd Academic Assembly of Nepal Academy on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said descriptions about empty houses or situations of children without food and clothes there would continue to present Nepal’s grim picture. He went on to say that the government was working to guarantee that onwards no Nepali had to face hunger, by making the society more sound and prosperous.

The democratic system chosen by the people by overthrowing hypocritical idea of supremacy by birth and unscientific principles had already witnessed the beginning of mega journey towards prosperity, the Prime Minister claimed, calling upon literary people and academicians to pour ink to describe about achievements of such journey.

Giving the reference to the song by noted singer Hari Bhakta Katuwal, which says one has to look at the moon from a distance to enjoy its beauty because seeing it up-close would make its dark spots visible, he urged people to interpret the message of this song vice-versa. The Prime Minister used this analogy, urging people to look at him from closer and criticize him if any dark side is noticed (in his words and deeds). He pledged not to abuse the authority as people had sent him to the power not for doing so, assuring of a zero tolerance against corruption.

Terming the Academy’s role in awakening the nation and uniting the people, he said such type of role would indirectly help bring change in people’s psychology and the state of mind.

The meeting is scheduled to pass the budget and programs for the current fiscal by reviewing the last fiscal’s programs and activities. RSS