Chief Ministers’ meeting organized to seek rights: Chief Minister Gurung



PARBAT, Sept 11: Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Prithvi Subba Gurung said that the Province Chief Ministers were united to seek rights with the federal government.

At a news conference in Parbat on Monday, Chief Minister Gurung said that the recent meeting of the Chief Ministers of all provinces held in Pokhara was not an alliance against the federal government but was intended for seeking rights.

The Chief Minister of Gandaki Province added that the gathering organized for seeking rights should not be construed as an alliance sharing that the province governments were facing hardships for delivery due to lack of some laws, officials and others.

He said, “The province governments have not been able to work in lack of required number of employees and infrastructures. The problem has become more complex after the federal government turned illiberal in this regard.”

Chief Minister Gurung expressed the view that the federal government has become illiberal by delaying in amendment to the federal laws that provide right to deploy employees as required for the provinces, distribution of financial resources and rights to provinces.

Saying that it was not right time to seek out result as it has only been five months after the formation of provincial governments, Gurung urged all the local levels to collect tax only on top-most prioritized issues. RSS