Development should move a step forward each day : PM Oli

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Kathmandu, Nov 22 : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has insisted that the country should take development momentum and it should move ahead even it is one step.

Addressing the second day session of the First Quarterly Review of Approved Programmes and Budget for Fiscal Year 2018/19 here today, PM Oli said every sector should move a step forward every day with constructive work.

“New and constructive works should be carried out in every sector each day. And this work should be such that it moves one step ahead. If all sectors moved ahead in a constructive way, Nepal moves one step forward each day,” he said.

Stating that the government ministers and employees should change their style of working, he directed them to prioritize works of the country’s development rather than wasting time in policy, meetings, discussions and consultations.

“You yourselves make a deep study about the subject matter, form concepts and then take suggestions. The work you are trying to accomplish would not be complete if you try to take up everything from the experts. First you should be clear about what you want to achieve and enrich it with the suggestions of the experts,” he suggested.

The Prime Minister directed the employees not to create burden on the state coffers by taking allowance for meetings held during office hours, urging for austerity to save the state treasury from exploitation.

He also queried about the Nepal Airlines Corporation’s preparations to fly its Wide-body aircraft and the reasons of it making losses.

PM Oli urged the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation to promote agriculture forestry and not just be confined to planting trees. “Encourage the plantation of fruit saplings that will bear fruits and not the unproductive trees. If that is done, the fruits will be of the people and the trees of the state,” he said.

Giving the example from various countries of making high volume of agriculture production through cooperatives, he stressed on large scale production in the same way in Nepal also. He said agriculture production should be increased so that it contributes to export promotion.

The Prime Minister also stressed on employment creation through the modernization of agriculture, industry, tourism and service sectors. He instructed the government employees to do away with the lack of coordination seen among the federal, province and local levels. He urged for removing the duplication of development plans.

Secretary at the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation, Gajendra Thakur, secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Mohan Krishna Sapkota, and the secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Khagaraj Baral and secretary Krushna BC had presented the progress report of their respective ministries in the review meeting today.

Similarly, the secretary at the ministry of land management and cooperatives Gopinath Mainali, the secretary at the ministry of labour, employment and social security Mahesh Dahal, secretary at the ministry of forest Bishwanath Oli and the secretary at the ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation Krishna Prasad Devkota presented the work progress report of their respective ministries.

The progress review of the remaining ministries would be held on Saturday. RSS