Terrorism, challenge to world peace: former Indian PM Deve Gowda

Kathmandu, Dec 1 : India’s former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda has insisted on the need of addressing the issues relating to terrorism according to the international laws. 

While addressing the Asia Pacific Summit kicked off here today, Deve Gowda said terrorism has emerged as the biggest challenge to global peace.

Describing terrorism as the violation of human rights, he asserted that terrorism should not be interpreted as bravery and no terrorist should be viewed as a ‘brave figure’.

“Terrorism should not be protected by the State and state funding to terrorism should be stopped. The issue should be resolved as per the international laws,” he stressed.

According to him, peace is integral for a safe future of the present and future generation and this should be promoted on a wider scale. Peace should be everlasting and this should be transferred from one generation to another.

“Nature is worshipped as a mother in India. Natural resources are sufficient to meet the needs of the Earthly life, but not enough to fulfill the greed. India is committed to taking measures to reduce climate change impact,” he said.

The leader utilised the forum to stress on the guarantee of food security and right to life, stating that one in every nine people in the world suffered hunger and their access to food must be ensured. (RSS)