Problem surfaced in Melamchi Water Project will be resolved: Minister Magar

Melamchi Drinking Water Project, Bina Magr

Kathmandu, Dec 19 : Minister for Water Supply, Bina Magar, has sad that problem surfaced in Melamchi Drinking Water Project would be resolved with patience.

In first quarterly progress review meeting of the Ministry, Minister Magar said, “Melamchi Drinking Water Project is the first priority of the government as it is the project of national pride. Other projects and programmes of the Ministry will not be affected due to Melamchi Project.”

She said that the Ministry would expedite concrete programme to ensure basic drinking water to all within three years.
Similarly, Secretary at the Ministry, Gajendra Kumar Thakur, expressed commitment to forward activities of other projects by increasing capital expenditure while Director General of the Department of Drinking Water and Sewage Management, Sunil Das, said that municipalities, rural municipalities and wards across the nation having no access to drinking water, have been identified.

Similarly, Under-Secretary at the Finance Ministry Gauri Shanker Upadhyay said that the Finance Ministry was serious not to let budget crunch for the construction of Melamchi Drinking Water Project. RSS