Constitution ensures everyone’s future: Former President Dr Yadav

Gorkha, Dec 20 : Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has said the constitution has ensured every citizen’s future.

Inaugurating the 10th Gorkha Festival and Inter Province Agriculture Tourism and Trade Fair 2018 here Thursday, the former President viewed that once the new constitution is implemented effectively, the country would make headway to development. It would be a milestone for country’s prosperity, he added.

“The constitution with the provision of republic, inclusion, religious secularism has united all Nepalis in a single thread of unity,” he said, suggesting the government to hold dialogues with those expressing dissatisfaction with the constitution.

According to him, Nepal is in the stage of historic change, so the government and political parties should carry out their responsibilities to institutionalize the achievements made so far. Both the ruling and opposition parties need to deliver peace, stability and good governance.

The former Prime Minister suggested the government to mull seriously why there the publicity of some religions in the country. The federal parliament can formulate law on conversion, he added.

The publicity of religious and historical places would help bring in tourists in the country, he added. RSS