No discrimination against any religion : CM Poudel


Hetauda, Dec. 21 : Chief Minister of Province No. 3 Dormani Poudel has said that the state does not carry discriminatory perception towards any religion.

At a greetings exchange programme organized by Christian community in Hetauda on Friday, the Chief Minister said that Nepal as a secular state does not put any discriminatory stance against any religious community.

Poudel also urged one and all to do away with the ill-practices taking place in the name of religion. Saying that the state does not interfere with any religion, he added that everyone is free to follow the religion based on their faith and trust.

“Nepal is a democratic republic nation. No one should force other on religious conversion and everyone is free in regard to following the religion,” he shared.

According to information shared at the programme, there are around 40,000 followers of Christianity and as high as 600 churches in Makwanpur. RSS