Gagan Thapa criticizes Oli-led govt.

Waling (Syangja), Dec 23 : Nepali Congress (NC) central committee member Gagan Kumar Thapa has said that the incumbent government was deviated from its course.

At a closing ceremony of the First Chapakot Festival organized by Chapakot Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chapakot Municipality of Syangja district today, the former minister reiterated that the incumbent government, which is the most powerful government in the history, was currently deviated.

“The commitments made by the strong government would be completed,” argued Thapa, adding, “It would be easy to bring government back to track if it is weak. But, if the strong government is derailed, it would also put others in difficulty.”

Thapa lamented that the incumbent government was unable to deliver while the strong government like it would shoulder any responsibilities.

Furthermore, he viewed that it was a bad luck that the government has not been able to utilize the people’s mandate despite being a powerful government.

Thapa also confirmed that the Nepali Congress (NC) which was currently in the opposition role had not obstructed the current government for its governance.

According to him, the members of public were fed up with the inability of the government to deliver.
He also urged for collaboration to safeguard the new constitution and democracy adding that it was achieved after a huge struggle. RSS