Govt promoting export-oriented economy: Minister Yadav


Kathmandu, Dec 28 : Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Prasad Yadav has stated that government was promoting export-oriented economy to usher country towards economic prosperity.

At the inaugural session of the 15th National Industrial Exhibition of footwears’ and leather-made goods at Bhrikutimandap in the capital today, Minister Yadav reiterated that the incumbent government was focusing on bolstering the country’s economy.

Furthermore, Yadav said that with the establishment of democracy in the country, the conducive environment for investment was enabled and urged the private sectors to invest without any fear.

Coordinator of the Exhibition Nawaraj Gautam shared that around 30 million footwears were being produced annually in the country and they were planning to produce 50 million by 2020.

Senior Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce Rajendra Malla opined that the charm of domestically produced goods, including footwears, was on wane since there was no change in the attitude of Nepali consumers towards the usage of home-produced stuffs.

The Exhibition organized by Footwares Manufacturers Association of Nepal would conclude on December 3. Footwears of various styles and materials and for various purposes will be put on display at the 140 stalls of the exhibition.

The Exhibition is organized to inform users about the domestically manufactured footwears and leather-made products, according to Association President, Krishna Kumar Phunyal.

More than 200,000 visitors are expected to visit the exhibition which offers discount up to 15 per cent in each purchase. RSS