Minister fulfills election commitment


Jajarkot, Dec 30 : Minister for Forest and Environment Shakti Bahadur Basnet has fulfilled his election-time commitment running public transportation service in Kushe rural municipality.

His commitment of making the road motorable in a year has been fulfilled, to bring happiness to the people of Kushe rural municipality, Chedgad municipality and Junichande rural municipality. The road construction was taking place since the past 12 years but never completed.

Minister Basnet made regular onsite visits and ensured that the budget sent from the centre for the road was utilized and put into effect. As a result, we now have a bus running in Tharpur since the past one week, said Kushe rural municipality-1 chair Gopal Nepali.

Bus service is now available from Chedachaur to Thalabazaar-Dhungil-Sandhibisauna and to Tharpu. This will help the locals to take their produce including orange, potato and precious hebrs to the nearby market, said Member of Parliament Ganesh Prasad Singh. (RSS)